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     I'm rather busy and so I wanted a hassle-free, quick and professional house cleaning service. That's exactly what I got with Carpet Cleaning Services Herne Hill.
Nadia S19/05/2020
      Herne Hill Carpet Cleaning really made spring cleaning easy this year! No wonder so many people love them!
Jason L.20/09/2019
     Cleaning my sofas is a big job, but with the pets in my house, it's one that I need to do more often than I'd like! Carpet Cleaning Services Herne Hill are my go-to cleaning company because they always do a good job, and I can always rely on them. I'm very pleased with the company so far , and have enjoyed my experience with them.
Edward G.14/10/2015
      Carpet Cleaner Herne Hill offered me the best ever specialist cleaning service. My carpets were looking a tad drab and dreary, so I called their team of carpet cleaning experts to sort the issue out. They took one look at my carpets, gave me an estimate for the job and then got to work. It really was that simple and I was left with beautiful, clean, gleaming carpets.
     I have had my current rugs for years and so I didn't want them to be thrown away, but they were dirty and the fabric was becoming stiff and dry. I knew I couldn't wash them to a good enough degree myself but Herne Hill Carpet Cleaning could. A professional cleaning team from this company took the job, removed all dirt and got the fabric loose and soft once again. I can keep using my rugs for a few more years because of the hard work they put in.
Jeremy Huntington 27/05/2015
     I live with my elderly mother and looking after her takes up most of my time. I rarely get the chance to give the house the attention it needs and oftentimes things become neglected. I hired HerneHillCarpetCleaners because I was struggling to do it all and look after my mother myself and it was the best decision I ever made, the house looks and smells fantastic now and I see the difference it makes to my mother, she smiles as she notices how fresh and clean everything is and she enjoys the company of the cleaners who are very friendly and kind people.
     I tend to do most of the cleaning when I am around to do so, but every now and again I have a mini spring clean, which I must admit is a little bit of a cheat! I get HerneHillCarpetCleaners in to help out, and they always do a fantastic job! You would not believe some of the prices I was charged and quoted by other companies, whilst this lot were a lot less! The job is still a good one however, so it does not always go that you get what you pay for. A great company, very easy to deal with and excellent value for money.
Melissa Brooks07/01/2014